Candidate Guide
AdmissionRequirements/ NURSE ASSISTANT
  • At least 16 years of age
  • Completion of Clinical Career Training application
  • Must obtain a minimum score of 75% on a pre-entrance examination which will demonstrate
    the applicants ability to read and understand English at an eighth grade level.
  • A TB (Mantoux) Test/ or Chest X-Ray must show the applicant free from active TB
  • A criminal record release form/ physical form may be mandated by cooperating facilities. If
    required, positive criminal record results will be disclosed to the host facility and acceptance
    to the program is subject for review.
  • Foreign applicants will present a Immigration/Naturalization card or alternative form of
    identification that demonstrates the eligibility to work in the United States.·        

Admission Requirements/ MNA
  • Holds a valid and unrestricted nursing assistant license issued by the NH Board of Nursing.
  • Completes a Clinical Career Training application
  • Has been employed as a licensed nursing assistant within the past 5 years for the hours
equivalent of 2  years of full time employment. (Must provide documented proof  of hours
from employer (s))
  • Able to understand and read English and shows proficiency in basic mathematics as
demonstrated through a pre-entrance exam.
  • Submit a TB (Mantoux)Test or Chest X-Ray showing the applicant free from active TB
  • Submit a criminal record release form. (Has at no time been convicted of a felony)
  • Must be actively employed in the role of LNA
  • Submits two character references from your current employer affirming the applicant's
    honesty,integrity, compassion, and enthusiasm for nursing related activities. Character
    references must be written by Nurse Managers/ and or Director of Nurses.

MNA classes are scheduled upon facility requests. If your agency utilizes MNA's and you feel you
and 3 of  your co-workers would be good candidates have them contact CCT!

The admission procedures are the same for all applicants without regard to an applicants age,
race or ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability.

CCT does not issue transfer credits as our courses are based on clock hours, not credit

CCT also offers the following services

* State Examination (Retesting)

Please call 603-744-6766
for eligibility and instructions